You Can Help

August 2013 – Hokumoanalani, our whalesong buoy and underwater microphone was in the water this last season but only for a short period of time. The buoy broke loose with strong current and high waves. Thanks to the Liveguards and Paulo who rescued it! Now we look ahead as the whales will be back this winter and our goal is crystal clear: bringing live whale sounds to the world!

We cannot do this alone – we do need your help to broadcast the live sounds of the Hawaiian humpback whales!

Any donations will be gratefully accepted, are tax deductible, and will help us:

  • Get the buoy back into the water
  • Participate in multiple events through the whale season
  • Accommodate volunteers and cultural resources relative to our project
We are an all volunteer organization, no salaries or compensation paid to any of our officers, volunteers, board members. We continue to consider this project our kuleana (a Hawaiian word that means both responsibility and privelege). Each year brings new challenges, and it also brings new bright faces, and new experiences…and knowledge and wisdom about the oceans and these mysterious whales….that we are exceedingly grateful for.

Monetary donations can be sent by check to:

The Whalesong Project
810 Haiku Road
Suite 113, PMB 700
Haiku, HI 96708


or online with your credit card:


If you are having difficulties donating try the link below:
Since its beginning in Winter 2000-2001, Whalesong has operated on donated time and money. We are a Hawai’i non-profit corporation and a 501C3 Corporation recognized by the IRS. We are building a new hydrophone system that will improve the sound quality and reliablility of our webcast. No salaries are paid to any member of the Whalesong Project, or to any Directors including the Executive Director. We can always use help to keep this project going. Thank you for your interest in helping our project to help inspire protection of our oceans.