Increasing noise pollution, in the form of underwater explorations for oil or gas, ships, air guns or newly developed underwater sonar systems, is affecting the navigational abilities of the whales. The ‘LFAS’ (low frequency active sonar) is able to detect quiet vessels and therefore it produces extremely loud sound waves (up to 235 db!). All this could be linked to the increasing number of marine mammal strandings. Imagine this: for the human ear a sound level of ‘just’ 85 db is meant to be dangerous…

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Whale songs and music

All music used on this website is copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the musicians! The following recordings are all with friendly permission of the owners. The music was donated by all this great musicians to support our cause to broadcast the whalesongs to the world!

Listen to George Kahumoku jr. – multiple Grammy Award Winner – plays Hawaiian slack key guitar to one of our recordings: Mele O Kohola


or to David Rothenberg – musician, composer and author. A fascinating recording was the result of a boat trip together with our team. It seems as if the whale responses to David’s clarinet: Whale Response


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Whale songs

All the following recorded whale sounds on this website are copyrighted and may not be used without our permission!Humpback whales are known for their singing: these ‘classical’ whale songs could only be heard in their breeding grounds. For the population of the North Pacific this could be the waters around Hawaii sein, but also the coastal regions fo Mexiko or Japan. But this is only one population out of six different ones world wide and as every single one has it’s own ‘dialect’ the songs differ from each other.In this archive we have whale sounds recorded off of Maui produced by Kent Noonan, our sound engineer.

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