Founder’s Message

Whalesong was founded in November 2000 by Dan Sythe: his tirelessly dedication keeps the project alive. He has a deep interest in the Hawaiian Islands and it’s culture and the environment.

dan_founderI saw my first Humpback whale from Makena Beach on Maui in 1969. I was enchanted and fascinated by this unusual and remarkable creature. The Humpback whales were nearly extinct at this time. As a young man I volunteered as a radio engineer and technical consultant to groups working to end commercial whaling.When I heard my first Humpback whale sing, from Kamaole Beach in the early nineties, I became enthralled by the idea of bringing these beautiful sounds to the shore where people could hear them. The Winter of 2000-2001 brought the opportunity to realize this dream when we connected a live hydrophone to the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary in Kihei. The availability of high speed ADSL in Kihei, home of the Maui National Computing Center, allowed us to take the project a step further and bring the vocalizations to the entire planet.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share these ocean/whale sounds with the world, and for all of the wonderful and talented friends who have helped make this possible. Aloha pumehana

Dan Sythe
Maui, Hawai’i