Attack on the German website

Almost 10 years ago, she went to the starting line – the German version of Whale Song Project:

Unfortunately, the Jubilee was not granted on 2.1.2013 … the end of December was attacked our website and sustainably destroyed. A reconstruction of the page will cost as much effort as completely build a new one. This shock, we have not yet fully digested! Because of the ongoing crisis in the US Whalesong Germany makes a significant financial contribution to the survival of the whole project, it currently lacks sufficient simply to ‘play money’ to build something professional. We hope you understand that we have for the time being redirected to the American website. We want to report about the further development.

Positive is the fact that there are equal succeeded earlier this year, the buoy – bringing into the water after a year’s break. Now is still missing a PC, which can send the data to the provider of the live streams. A donation in the US these days will allow us to finance. It will take a while until we have all interfaces tuned to each other clean, but a live broadcast of the songs of the humpback whales off Maui will it definitely this year! Please remain loyal to us!