Celebration of the Arts

Dan reports from California: “I was just very heartened and got some chicken skin to see our Maui team show up at Celebration of the Arts. This is our 12th consecutive year at this remarkable event. The buoy broke mooring last week and the local community, lifeguards and Paulo Mendes retrieved it. Couldn’t get it back in the ocean so brought it to the Ritz for the first time, and they are playing recorded whale songs and have a slide show. Dean Altiere is a new contributor, as will be Deanne Summers. Auntie Puanani Mahoe and friends are also participating along with board members Trisha Cabral, B and Sher Baum, and long time supporter Wendy Acosta. Paulo what would we do without you? Thanks for cleaning up the buoy and bringing her to the Ritz!
I am grateful that our team showed up for the event, and that we had some time in the water with live webcast this year. Mahalo nui to all. I’m with you there in Spirit!”