• Our Hawaiian Humpback Whales

  • Being close to whales is an experience that is hard to describe with words.

  • Mother and Baby

  • Many Hands from all over the world have participated in Whalesong Project

  • The Lifeguards at Kamaole I Beach help take care of the Whalesong Project buoy, Hōkūmoanalani

  • Launching our Buoy

  • Our Solar Powered Buoy

  • Some cultures have deep connections to the Whales and to Nature

  • Our Maori cousins have a special connection to the Whales

  • Kids express amazement when they hear the Whales singing in real time.

  • Hawaiians have deep connections to the Whales and the Oceans

  • Testing Mauiʻs waters for contamination from Fukushima Daiichi

  • Dolphins off the coast of Maui

Listen to the Whales

Live Stream of Whalesongs  courtesy of Jupiter Foundation

Hear the Whales Sing by Building  Your Own Hydrophone

Thanks to Kithub.  A great project for kids and for classroom activities.  Click below for information:

https://kithub.cc/hydrophone/ and https://kithub.cc



Ocean Radiation Monitoring Project

A current major undertaking is our Citizen Science Ocean Radiation Monitoring Project.
We have been involved in a variety of radiation monitoring activities since the Great Eastern Earthquake and Tsunami on 3/11/11.
Currently we are sampling Pacific Ocean Water and Sea Life for radionuclides.
If you have a sample you would like to contribute, please read our guidelines.
You can contact us here. We are calibrating our lab and will soon be reporting on our activities.  You can follow us on Facebook: The Whalesong Project

Please contribute to help us improve our lab and keep our testing program going:

WS-icon_paddlesPeople can make a difference

 Species and ecosystems can be saved.  The Humpback Whales are living proof of that.  They have come back from the brink of extinction, thanks to international cooperation.   If people are inspired to care and cooperate for the well being of the planet, then there is hope.   When Dr. Roger Payne published the first recordings of the Songs of the Humpback Whales, it inspired the movement to protect them.  In the year 2000, Whalesong Project volunteers adopted new technologies to, for the first time, bring the songs directly to homes and classrooms throughout the world, in real time.  We heard from thousands of people that were inspired.   Our project is grassroots, low budget, all volunteer, a labor of love.  We webcast the live mysterious songs of the whales for most of 15 seasons.  Recently circumstances prevent us having our buoy in the ocean.  To all of you who have supported the project and look forward to the songs each year, we ask for your patience while we get our logistics sorted out.  Our focus this season is radiation from Fukushima Daiichi.  How rapidly is it moving and how dilute will it be when it eventually reaches Hawaiʻi and other Pacific Rim countries?  Is it concentrating in the fish, seaweed, Whales and other sea life?   We are working in a cooperative alliance to build a lab – and also participating in other projects to document what is happening.  Stay tuned for reports.